Before You Buy a British Shorthair Cat

No matter what breed you may be considering as a possible candidate for sharing your home and life, this decision should never be entered into lightly.

  Keep in mind that the reason many cats end up abandoned and behind bars at the local SPCA, Pound or Rescue facility is because the individual or family chose poorly when deciding to get a cat and after the kitten grew out of their cute phase, they found the burden of caring for the cat overwhelming.

  This happens far more than you might imagine and the overflowing rescue facilities are a testament to how many cats have been poorly chosen.

  Before you become another sad statistic, make sure you really are a good candidate for sharing your life with a cat.

Those who may be considering a British Shorthair cat need to carry out re- search and make sure they have all the facts straight before taking the plunge, because there are always many important factors to keep in mind.

  Currently, the British Shorthair cat is a highly popular choice”, or very in style, and any time a cat or other animal acquires a “vogue” status, we humans be- come inspired and often rush to pursue the trend, so that we can also feel in vogue and keep up with the Joneses. Perhaps this is not the best reason to choose any particular breed.

  Better is to be cautious about being influenced by trends and instead, carry out your own research, so that you are informed and thoroughly understand what to expect from a breed you are considering.  Consider that without clear thinking and understanding of the commitment.

level required by you and your family when bringing a cat into your home, you may end up contributing to the worldwide epidemic problem of overflowing shelters and rescue facilities.